About Us

The SysSec research team, headed by Nuno Santos, is an integral part of the Distributed, Parallel and Secure Systems (DPSS) group at INESC-ID Lisbon/IST. Our central mission revolves around bolstering systems security and privacy. We strive to advance the security of computer and network systems and strengthening users' digital privacy.

Research Highlights

PT Smart Retail: PRR Grant for 2022/24

The PT Smart Retail project will develop technologies and new industries that will create the new generation of retail. This project is funded by Next Generation EU through the Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência (PRR).

CMU-PT ERP Grant for 2022/23

We were awarded an Exploratory Research Grant within the CMU-PT program to develop an exciting project on building tools to help law enforcement agencies investigate cybercrime on the Dark Web.

Securing TrustZone-based TEEs

Our recent study shows that most existing commercial TrustZone-based TEEs have critical security flaws (S&P'20). We have developed a new security architecture named ReZone that will make TEEs more robust and secure (Usenix Security'22).

WebRTC Covert Channels

Using WebRTC-based covert channels, we are building an ecosystem of tools and systems for enabling censorship circumvention on the Internet. Learn about it from our papers in CCS'20, DICG'20, and AsiaCCS'22.

High-Speed Traffic Analysis

Leveraging programming switches, we built FlowLens: a system that can analyze and classify traffic in Tbps networks very efficiently and with high accuracy. Check it out on our NDSS'21 paper.

Web Security & GDPR

We recently started two new lines of research on web security and GDPR compliance. Our first tools appeared in Computers & Security'22 and ECOOP'22. Our new paper on building GDPR-compliant web applications was accepted at S&P'23.

Our work has been generously supported by national projects through the programs P2020, ERP CMU-PT, and PRR, and by the EU H2020 project reTHINK.